Welcome Panelists!

Anna Leahy
Mary Cantrell
Aileen Murphy
Judith Baumel
Stephanie Vanderslice
Kendall Dunkelberg

Site structure

Right now I have set everyone up with a page of their own. You can edit it however you like, and you can add pages to it and link to those pages, if you like. Set your page as the parent page, and there will be a link back to your main page at the top of each page 'beneath it.' If you have ideas for how to structure it better — or if you are confused by the way I've set things up, let me know. It can all be revised, if necessary! Below is the help I had on your pages for editing them.

Original instructions for editing your pages

Put a link to a Word file of your paper here

You can create links to your handout files, too

To make changes to this page, click on the Edit button below. Add text by typing it. Add a link to a file by changing the file name in the links above to be the same as the file(s) you have uploaded to this page. (To upload a file, click on the Files button and upload it from your computer.)

You can make headings with + signs (fewer +'s means a bigger heading). You can format text, too. See the "wiki text quick reference" in the editing window. Or just ask me to help you format your paper for the wiki. It doesn't take me too long to do now that I've gotten used to it.

Document files and conversion

Anna has posted her most recent draft. She posted it first as a Word (.doc) file. Then I put a link to her file using the following code:

        [[file attachment | custom-text]]

See the template link below for an example. It was written:

        [[file Wikidot.dot | Wikidot.dot]]

Finally, I created a page from her document. To do that, I created a Word template that includes a macro I found on this site. If you have an older version of Word that uses Visual Basic macros (not Word 2007 (or 2008 for Mac) in other words), then you could do this, too. Download the template Wikidot.dot, and open it in Word. Then copy your formatted text into it. Select all, and run the ConvertWordtoWikidot macro. Then paste the resulting text into your edit field on the page you want to edit. You still may need to do some formatting, but it will take care of basics, like italics.

If you don't have an older Word, then I can convert a file for you. I will also look for an easier alternative. If you don't use a lot of formatting (italics, etc.), then you can just copy and paste your document in and format it manually. That's not hard!

After looking into this issue some more this afternoon, it looks to me as if the VBA macro will work with MS Word 2007 for Windows. If that's true and you have that, then try downloading the template above and let me know if it works.

Another conversion option, if you have or want to install NeoOffice for Mac (and probably OpenOffice on Windows) is you can open your file in it, then Export as WikiMedia format. Then open the WikiMedia formatted file, copy all, and paste it into this online converter. It won't convert everything, but should handle most of what we want to do.

Of course, you can also ask me or someone with an old version of Word to convert the file for you using the macro.

I also want to experiment with PDF files, which might work better for some content (like rubrics).

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